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How To Cook High Quality 100mg/Ml & 50mg/Ml Injectable Stanzolol Winny In Water Version?

100mg/mL & 50mg/mL Winstrol Recipe


1. How to make Winstrol Suspension @ 100mg/mL*20mL in WATER using NO PEG and NO crashing during filtering!



-2 grams stanozolol powder X 0.75 displacement volume = 1.5mL

-24% BB = 4.8mL

-3% BA = 0.6mL

- 3% Polysorbate 80 = 0.6mL

-DISTILLED Water (ONLY use Distilled Water!) 12.5mL



Combine stanozolol powder, BA, BB, PS80 and heat until clear while swirling.

Sterile filter this hormone concentrate into your sterile vials 

***You should NOT have to filter fast. Let the solution cool until its warm, it should not crash!

Using a NEW filter, filter in your Distilled water at any pace you like. Be sure to keep swirling the vial as you filter in the distilled water.

*SHAKE the hell out of your Winstrol (winny). <important!

Complete! You now have Winstrol (winny) @ 100mg/mL X 20mL.


NOTE: your final Winstrol (winny) solution will look foamy or airy. After you shake the hell out of it, let it sit untouched for 3 days. You will see it settle out with the water on top as usual. This will be very micronized and settling out will take DAYS, so dont sweat it!

BTW, it flows through a 30 guage.

Lastly, the PAIN IS MODERATE. Not crippling and surely not painless.




2. Winny: 50mg/mL X 20mL in Distilled Water NO PEG and NO crashing certainly



-1 gram Winstrol (winny) hormone (X 0.75 = 0.75mL displacement)

-18% BB = 3.6mL

-2% BA = 0.4mL

-PS80 = 0.5mL

-DISTILLED Water: 14.75mL



Combine Winstrol (winny) hormone, BA, BB andPS80.Heat until CLEAR.

Let solution cool until its warm/hot but not scalding hot.

Filter into your sterile vial.

With a NEW filter, filter in your DISTILLED Water as fast as you wish.



Let it site for 3 days and you will see the Winstrol (winny) sperate out and fall to the bottom of the vial.You can use it right away if you wish.

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